Dentures are replacements for natural teeth which you lose due to tooth decay, gum disease or accidents. Dentures are designed to mimic your teeth and are fully removable. Although they won't feel exactly the same as your former teeth, modern dentures are more comfortable and aesthetically geared than ever before. There's two main kinds of denture; ones which fully replace your teeth and those which only replace some of your teeth called partial dentures. Valplast is a denture designed to partially replace missing teeth whilst being flexible and hygienic.

Why do teeth go missing?

Tooth loss normally occurs when someone develops periodontal disease or gum disease. This is usually caused by a plaque buildup and from bacteria attacking your gums. Most dentists agree that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, for about two minutes, with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It's important to use short, gentle strokes as being overzealous can lead to enamel damage. It's also advised that you floss your teeth daily and visit your dentist at least twice a year.

How are Valplast dentures made?

Traditional kinds of dentures used metal bases and acrylic teeth or were completely made from acrylic. Valplast is a fairly recent innovation which is composed of a nylon thermoplastic material which gives the Valplast denture several advantages over its traditional counterparts. This type of denture is made without using metal claps which makes the Valplast denture quite light weight. To give users a natural appearance, the Valplast denture is made from a translucent material, allowing the natural gums to show. Valplast dentures are also highly adjustable and can be used to replace many or just a few missing teeth. For patients who have problems with their jaw bone, traditional dentures can't be used. However due to its flexibility, Valplast can be worn without discomfort. Valplast can also be worn by people who have allergies to the acrylic used in traditional dentures and can be effectively used on patients suffering from gum recession. Valplast dentures are strong wearing and usually cost less than a permanent bridge or dental implants.