Hundreds Queue for Free Dental Clinic in Cobb County

Hundreds of people queued for a free dental clinic in Cobb County this weekend.

Organisers of the clinic, which operated on Saturday, said that so many people queued up that they were forced to turn some people away. One woman waiting in line said that she had started camping out on Friday morning to ensure that she got an appointment at the clinic, which opened first thing on Saturday morning.

By 4am on Saturday morning, 200 people were already waiting in line and organisers were only planning to see 100 people throughout the day. As a result of the huge crowd, dentists starting seeing people at 4am instead of 6am.

Fifteen dentists and 60 dental professionals offered their time and services at the Dentistry from the Heart event, which took place at Marietta Family Dental Care on Lower Roswell Road.

Dentists prioritised urgent cases and moved onto routine procedures and treatments later in the morning. Organisers have already stated that they will host a similar event next year, after seeing the crowd queuing outside.

Demand for free dental clinics has increased all over the USA and organisers and charities have witnessed growing crowds gathering outside clinics. Many people have lost their insurance benefits as a result of unemployment and for some, dental care is an unaffordable luxury after paying rent or mortgage payments and bills.

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