Brand New Dental Gel Proven To Regenerate Teeth

French scientists have recently discovered a peptide that when placed next to a cavity can encourage the teeth to regenerate.

Dental cavities have been proven to be the leading cause of tooth decay leading to extractions for various reasons, whether people don’t uphold good oral hygiene or that they have a severe dental phobia.

The new studies show that the gel can’t be used as a preventative method but used to heal the tooth from within. The gel has proved to be a success as it has healed an infected tooth in the space of a month, which means good news for everyone! However, the research and testing into this special gel hasn’t been completed yet, this means it could be a few years before it is available for people to purchase.

Scientist Nadia Benkirane-Jessel, whom is participating in the studies of the gel states that it “controls cavities after they develop”. If this dental gel proves to be a success it means better dental health care for everyone.

Nadia also goes on to explain what goes into the gel and how it works, she suggests that the gel contains a peptide called melanocyte-stimulationg hormone (MSH), which is well known by scientists to encourage bone regeneration.

After numerous theory testing and trials the gel was finally a major success. Further clinical trials still need to be completed before it goes on to treat the cavities within humans.

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