Gum Contouring

Many of those who are looking for a cosmetic improvement to the appearance of their teeth or smile don't have any problems with their teeth. Instead their main concern is that their gums appear to big or visible when they smile. This is a very common issue and 'gummy' smiles are caused by an overgrowth of gum tissue which can then go on to cover your teeth. The reasons for this overgrowth range from it being an inherited condition to the use of some fairly common medications for blood pressure. An overgrowth of your gums can make your smile appear lop-sided or crooked and can make your teeth appear smaller then they actually are. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved using a common dental procedure known as gum contouring or lifting.

The Procedure

During the procedure your dentist will first apply a local anaesthetic to your gums. Once the area has been successfully numbed your dentist will then use a laser to cut away tiny parts of the overgrown gum tissue and contour the gums to improve their appearance when you smile. Using a laser has the added benefit of sealing the blood vessels within the gums which will improve healing time without causing a lot of discomfort or pain to the patient.

In some cases contouring the gums won't sufficiently alter them. In cases such as this your dentist may have to reduce the bone at the front of the root of your teeth. This is done to prevent the tissue growing back into its former position. Whilst slightly more complex than gum contouring this procedure is highly effective and shouldn't cause you much discomfort.

The risks

Although the vast majority of gum contouring procedures are performed safely and effectively, as with all surgical procedures there are some risks involved. For instance, if too much gum tissue is removed then it may cause the mouth to heal incorrectly. This may cause swelling and will require another procedure to correct it. In rare cases where too much gum tissue is removed there may be a longer recovery period.