My denture is causing some problems in my mouth, what should I do?

In Nov 2011 I had a full upper denture put in. Jan 2012 I had a soft re-line done. Soon after I started dealing with (for lack of better description) an oily feeling in my mouth. Some days it is so thick feeling, that it feels sticky and makes it difficult to speak. My dentist says he has not heard of this before and wasn’t sure what to do. We have tried not soaking in denture cleaner, we have tried using my regurlar toothpaste to clean them. When I have the denture out, I don’t have that feeling, but when I put the denture in, it’s almost immediate. I’m at the end of my rope and no one seems to have any ideas or suggestions. I sure hope you can help. Please! Thank you!
There are glands on the roof of your mouth which secrete mucus designed to lubricate and protect the skin on the roof of your mouth. What is happening is your body is sensing the denture as food or other substance and secreting mucus. It is this mucus that is trapped in your denture. Eventually your body will diminish the secretion of mucus as it grows used to the denture. However, it will not stop completely. I am unaware of anything to change this situation. Perhaps taking the denture out and cleaning with water will help. Dr. Lemongello
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