Is it possible that my dental bridge is too big?

I had a dental bridge put in on my backright side. No problems as far as pain or anything, but had a dentist tell me that my bridge was too big and there is I way it could have fit right from beginning. I can fit my nail under the crown on back tooth and touch my tooth. Does this mean the cement has washed out? Is this a problem? I have only had it for 3 years and take very good care of it. It irritates me that it appears the bridge was not done right to begin with after spending $3000 on it. I have no pain or issues otherwise.
If you are keeping it clean it may not be an issue right now. You should not be able to fit your nail under the edge. It could be cement wash out or a poor fit. This will eventually lead to a problem like decay in the area. I would have your dentist continue to monitor it. As soon as it changes or becomes worse unfortunately it will need to be replaced. Dr Lemongello
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