Im not happy with my smile after braces, what should I do?

Hello. I got my braces taken off a year ago, and I am unhappy with the results. My bite is misaligned, and because of this, my mid line does not match up, my smile is crooked, and I have to move my lower jaw to the left in order for my back teeth to touch/bite down. I have expressed my concerns to my ortho but he insists everything is okay. What should I do? Thanks for your help.
I would recommend you seek another opinion and if necessary additional opinions. Keep in mind though that your situation may be the best result possible due to circumstances that are specific to you. It also may be the best result that can be accomplished by the dentist you have been seeing. Once you have additional opinions regarding the result you can also make decisions of what options are available to correct any remaining problems. Perhaps that means treatment with another dentist. Visit our website at to view cases where changes like yours were necessary to create a beautiful balanced smile and bite. Many cases Dr. Lemongello
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