I think I may be allergic to my dentures, can you use any other material to make them?

I have had a top denture for 38 yrs with no problem, however I have had my lower bridges removed and one implant put in at the front, not having had bottom back teeth for 38 yrs and having lost a lot of bone my dentist is having difficulty with the fitting which is very painful and I am going back sometimes 2 or 3 times a week for bits removed or added but after 10 month I am getting desperate that I will never again be out of pain, on top of that I have had a new denture made and my palate is red sore and burning at times I am in tears with it, my doctor said it is not thrush and my dentist does not know what is causing it as the top denture fits well. I do have allergies to certain things and wondered if I could be allergic to the new denture, the lab have said they will make a top denture without monomer on the palate but the gums will have it in. Please please could you advise me I am now getting so depressed over it my life is a nightmare of constant pain. could I have a full top denture made with something other than acrylic and also a bottom one that could house my implant? I would appreciate any help you can give me.
thank you
 I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. I would see if the dentist and laboratory are willing to fabricate you a denture out of a material low in or without monomer. It may be the monomer causing the discomfort. Unfortunately, lower dentures are very, very difficult under the best circumstances to fit and make comfortable. I would consider having at least 4 implants placed in the lower jaw so the denture can attach to it. This will stabilize it and provide stopping points on the implants instead of the delicate gum tissue with little bone causing pain. I understand this will be a significant investment but may be your best chance for success. Dr. Lemongello
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