How long does it take to fit implants?

How long do implants take to fit from first consultation to last? I work overseas and will be back in the country for a whirlwind visit. My teeth are on there last legs and my goal is dental implants, but at a pinch I would get temporary dentures. thanks
There are a number of factors that need to be considered. With traditional treatment typically the time frame is 3-6 months start to finish. You can plan the treatment in about a week and transition to a set of temporay dentures so you will never be without teeth. After the implants heal, you can return and have the denture attached or fitted to the implants. The other option is plan the treatment and if at least 5-8 implants can be placed the dentures can be attached that day. You then heal and return in about 3 months for a final set of detures. If necessary we can coordinate these appointments for you. Dr. Lemongello
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