How long does it take for wisdom teeth to erupt completely?

How long does it normally take for wisdom teeth to come through? Mind started coming through but then stopped for a few months, and then start up again, only to stop again for a few months. It has done this about four times now, and it is really annoying becuase of the discomfort it causes. What is the normal time it takes for the wisdom teeth to come through?
Eruption of wisdom teeth (3rd molars) can be aggravating.  The stopping and starting of eruption is not uncommon.  The attempt of the wisdom teeth to come through the oral tissues can be inhibited.  This is a result of blockage by another tooth (ie..there is not enough room for them to get through) or can be inhibited by gum tissue which is extremely thick thereby slowing the eruption attempt.  These senarios usually indicate a need to remove the wisdom teeth.

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