Grinding at night ruined teeth but can not afford treatment?

Hello, I found out a year ago that I’m a night grinder. Two months ago I realized because of that I had ground the backs of my two front upper teeth halfway down and the tops of my frong bottom teeth down. My two front upper teeth broke while I was sleeping and I apparently swalled the broken teeth. I am financially embarrassed at this time and in desperate need of dental help. I have a friendly and usually smiley personality, but because of my teeth it is highly embarrassing to even smile anymore. I really need help in finding a qualified dentist who will help me either for free or very low cost. I would be great advertisement for a referral for this special dentist. I have done extensive Internet searches to find help. I am living in Gainesville, Ga. Can you help guide me? Thank you for your time and consideration.
I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. It is difficult to recommend someone to help you. If cost is a factor I would suggest you locate the closest Dental School and seek treatment there. Usually dental treatment in a teaching institution is significantly less.  The only difficulty is time. Treatment may require more time than in private practice.
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