After a filling replacement I can’t open my mouth fully and am experiencing jaw pain. What is the reason?

I had a filling replaced 3 weeks ago. 1 week after this was done I can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat food like a sandwich, etc. without having terrible jaw pain.
While the work was being done, I had very bad jaw pain while trying to keep my mouth open, but it stopped once he was done.
I’ve had this jaw pain now for almost 2 weeks. I can eat food as long as I don’t open my mouth wide. It doesn’t hurt to touch my jaw inside or out, I just can’t open very wide to eat without pain.
My dentist thinks that my jaw is sprained and I have inflammation. He gave my Tylenol #3 to take for a few days. I just want it to get better.

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It sounds as if you have strained the muscles and injured the cartilage in your jaw joint. Usually over time this will resolve on its own. Just avoid opening too wide, stay on a soft diet, use moist heat on the area (washcloth in hot water on the side of your face in the evening. I would recommend an anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. Dr. Lemongello
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